Monday, 29 April 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 25 - MALTA Tomorrow by Gianluca

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Last year lovely Kurt Calleja’s charisma carried a fairly plain song to the final for Malta. This year they’re trying the opposite with this jaunty toe-tapper that oozes charm, but with a singer who might be a little bit too eager. Ginaluca sings of Jeremy (working in I.T.), a man of routine and caution who falls headlong for a flighty piece of a girl, carefree and adventurous. Jeremy’s friends are worried for him as she jerks him off his humdrum treadmill in his attempt to pin her down, but just like tomorrow she seems to always be a step ahead of him. It’s a comedy of errors played out in the video in a string of near-miss would-be encounters as Jeremy tries to get his girl. The song is very engaging, and it’s hard not to like it, but I’m not convinced that Gianluca, bouncy thing that he is, quite matches; in fact he might be a little too enthusiastic as he skips around the stage. Some have this as the dark horse though I’m not convinced, unless Gianluca can reign it in a bit, but it’s a simple pleasure and one which could well garner a lot of support on the night through its unabashed happiness.

My score: 7 points

Monty x

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