Sunday, 28 April 2013

T Minus 7 days

In just a mere 170 Hours the OnEurope Xarabank (see what I did there?) will be taking on via "easy" jet and landing in the city of Baku, Dusseldorf - Malmeeer (yes, that's the one) for 2 weeks of Eurovision!

Now, dear reader, you remember that *I* haven't been accredited for the last 2 years - but this time, oh yes, this time it's all different as I have my little laminated badge so you can have the coverage you deserve.................. which is different to that you actually want!

Rehearsals start at 10am CET on Monday 5th but, remember, don't expect any Videos!! - The delegations want closed rehearsals for the first 4 days so, like the old days, you'll have to make do with written descriptions only......  I know how you like them, so comment at will cos, after all, you'll have to take my word for what happens.  Other menu's are available of course,, where Luke and his gang will be hanging out,  Where the messageboard will be lively - Where you will find their usual version of events. - Where Garrett Mulhall has taken over from Keith Mills, and he's sharing our apartment in Malmerr!

And many many more! - Remember my word is not law, or indeed right most of the time - it's the OPINIONS that you come for, possibly the abuse, maybe even the cheese....

Which reminds me....

Start as we mean to go on *I* say! - I dont know what kind of cheese this is - but it certainly looks a lil bit yellow....... lets hope its tasty!


  1. When you get to Sweden go to the nearest supermarket and get yourself the Västerbotten. Very strong flavor, hard cheese. It's like cheddar on steroids. Wonderful.

  2. Cheddar on Steroids sounds........... Cheesy! - Thanks for the tip ;)