Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 14 - GEORGIA Waterfall by Nodi Tatishvilli & Sophie Gelovani

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Georgia sent a great galumphing oaf of a singer to Baku last year: Anri Jokhadze singing I’m a Joker. The joke was on the Georgians when he became their first participant not to qualify, setting aside the year they pulled out once it became clear their thinly-disguised anti-Putin song wouldn’t survive without a lyrical edit. How does a proud nation respond to being left in the semis? Why, by engaging the songwriter of last year’s winning entry, that’s how! Swede Thomas G:sson has a strong pedigree not just in his home country but across Europe when it comes to Eurovision and national final entries and has delivered the Georgians with a fairly decent song. Dangerously decent, in fact, if a ballad like this isn’t your preferred choice of winner. It’s a belter with a big note (cue golden shower) that is a real contender. There are two little problems though: firstly the field is somewhat overcrowded with this type of song this year, although being a duo does set them apart a little; and secondly the deliberate contracting of G:sson just seems ever so slightly contrived. Of course the televoting public may not a) know, or b) care, they may just vote for the powerful song, but I’m going to stick my neck out and say this isn’t the winner but it will be up there near the top, though I’m by no means averse to a trip to Tbilisi if it is. And why is Sophie meandering her way around a maze that only comes up to her chest? Isn’t that defeating the object?

My score: 6 points

Monty x 

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