Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 16 - GREECE Alcohol is Free by Koza Mostra and Agathon Iakovidis

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Brace yourselves, this is a lively one! It’s a Balkan ska number performed by the Band Koza Mostra with rebetiko singer Agathon Iakovidis. The title has already spawned a million lame jokes and will spawn a million more quips about the complimentary nature – or otherwise – of the beverages around the Malmö parties before the week is through. The untypical nature of the song for Eurovision has confounded some fans who see this as a no-hoper, but I think otherwise. It’s a properly jolly knees-up, the likes of which we’re in dire need of this year, and really, who can say no to a free bar? To their enormous benefit Koza Mostra’s lead singer (and indeed several members of his band) is not unpleasing on the eye, and I’ll be hoping to whisk a few free ones down his neck and help him relax in Sweden. In the video they work their way round a market, a barber’s shop, a fishing pier and the flicks, pursued by Agathon like some kind of moustachioed Mr Magoo. They keep trying to give him the slip although it’s never entirely clear why. Perhaps he smells? I’ll see how close I can get in Malmö shielded only with a Kleenex three-ply and report back. The Greeks will need a stiff drink if this starts to reign in the points and they look like they might have to host the thing next year. It could well be the dark horse.

My score: 8 points

Monty x

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