Saturday, 13 April 2013

Semi 2 - Part 1 Review

I seem to be a little lacking in the review stakes - time to catch up!!


I always thought Per was one of the Herrey's brothers, apparently you can be very wrong!.  I just hope they bring the Bontempi keyboard guitar thing as I haven't seen one of those since 1985 - but the Rap really gets a little annoying after the first go round but, definitely, they have energy - but they have to have something to make up for a very 1990's performance.... I expect to see MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice singing " you can't touch this" - but I am sadly disapointed.

San Marino

Ralph Siegel in good song Shocka, Bild should say.  Valentina must be sleeping with Ralphie to be getting another go at this, but thankfully the Old Man of Eurovision has written a good one and thankfully it will be in Italian, as in English it has far far far too many words.  It's only downside is that it really is 2 songs joined together and the sellotaping of them is noticable - but Valentina should overcome this handicap and, if Europe aren't stupid, this is a first final for the most Serene Republic.

FYR (or not) Macedonia

There was nothing wrong with the first song was there?? - It's the geek and the Diva but she is clearly the talent and he is making up the numbers, it's nothing without her, but thankfully with her, its a semi good song.  If I was MRT, He'd have to go though!  I just fear its beyond Europe to vote for this, and the juries will think its too complicated.


Farid won a million week contest to get the ticket, but I'd have just paid for the contest than this drivel.  It is clearly " The Winners Song" - but even Einstein (Mrs) could have written better formulas than this - it's going to qualify, but it is very very weak and lacking in something....


Ahhhhh The Marmite Song...  When it was the only entry chosen back in the dark days of 1947 or whenever it was, this was a good song - and it still is, on the proviso that Europe smile and the Juries think its semi decent.  I just think its too out there for Europe to Televote for, but it does only have to beat Seven other songs - hmmmm not sure, but will she be the bridesmaid?


It's hard to write a review about a song you have seen win a national final in person.  I guess its the Maltese equivalent of the diddly-dai songs of Ireland, it's inoffensive and by all rights, should do a big fat nothing.  However, It makes you smile, Gianluca performs this with conviction that people say Eurovision performers lack, namely he actually believe what he is singing ( and if he doesnt, his sister who is on stage will slap him) - Its a basic simple song and, in a contest where there are so many alsorans, why cant this do well in the final?


Why are they singing about Shampoo?,, no one said ever.  Isn't this just Voda with a bit more ooomph in it? - I suppose thats all they need given their past....


Icelandic Diddly-dai now and they have borrowed the formula book from Azerbaijan but coupled it with a video about suicide which is very very disconcerting but, thankfully Europe won't have seen that very often.  I'm not sure what They'll make of the song - but I suspect "nice" may not be enough

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