Tuesday, 2 April 2013

View from Oleviste Kirik - Part V

So we've got six songs we'll see on the Eurovision stage just the once.  There is a slim chance the winner could come from one of this dirty half-dozen.  I'm enjoying reading the thoughts of Messrs Phil and Monty.  It would be no fun at all if we all liked the same stuff.

France – Now here’s an interesting song, full of darkness and malevolence. Marvellous. Amandine Middle-Class appears to be trying to emulate all sorts of people. Patricia Kaas and Amy Winehouse immediately spring to mind. Thanks fully she’s no Air Miles Anggun, so I don’t expect to see her doing her dying damsel fly impression. In fact, I can’t see much going wrong with this.

Germany – Our 2011 hosts have gone all populist this year. Cascada won a final with a some-would-say skewed voting system. On the public vote alone, this would have run away with things. But the jury and radio stations were put in to make things appear closer than they were. Personally, I wanted La Brass Banda to win, as it was different and may have woken many potential voters from their ballad-induced slumbers. But instead we have something that will do well if the juries have the same remit as 2012.

Italy – You have to admire the Italians’ juxtaposed views on Eurovision. They say they don’t want to win, but deep down they do. Every year since their return they’ve entered something quite classy. Yeah, I know it’s a ballad. But you know what, there’s something about the language that lends itself well to a song like this. I would not be disappointed to see Italian language songs first and second on 18 May. But maybe deep-down Italy shouldn’t win, since we know they don’t want to. ;-)

Spain – This is a breath of fresh air from Spain and I love it. There, I’m probably in a tiny minority. I’ve not been too enamoured with Spain’s recent attempts, but that may come from being sat next to some very annoying Spanish fans for many years, including the time Soraya(sis) shouted her way to last-but-one place. I could imagine the melodious Cara Dillon performing something like this. I have a feeling of dread that this will undeservedly bomb no matter where it’s drawn. Spain – I love you once again.

Sweden – It appears obvious that Sweden doesn’t want to do the double this year. I didn’t pay much attention to Melodifestival (as I think there are far better national selections around), but I gleaned what I needed to glean from the copious fannage writing about it. Everyone seems to be contriving reasons why this should not have won, suggesting that pretty much any other song should have won instead. Copacabanana would have been an interesting home entry that may have been nutter-friendly enough to win. This will do well, but we said that about the home entry the last time the contest was in Malmö.

United Kingdom – Finally, who would have thought that a 61 year old battler would be younger than a country’s previous entrant? I quite like the BBC’s current policy of fait accompli when it comes to a song for Düss/Baku/Malmö. Previous years have proven that democracy doesn’t work and the UK’s voting public just take the you-know-what when choosing a song. Now I had to eat my words last year when the Hump was picked. ‘Genius’ I said. An inspired choice. What did I know when it turned out he was deaf. But this year – this year – they could have things right. Bonnie belts this out, has been seen peddling it around and has the right attitude (that the UK of stuff might not win).

A lot of people were saying this is a bad year.  While I admit there might not be any classics coming out of it, I think it will be a vintage year.  The quality suggests that it may be a close run thing.  Now that would be good for the contest as it powers towards 60 years.  Maybe the best song win.  For once.

Keep the faith.

R x

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  1. The 6 finalists:

    France - Strange and atmospheric and the French add a little extra dimension.It can go both ways but depends much on how it will come across on tv and how she will perform it live.

    Germany - Eurovision has a very strange way of doing things. A genre rarely win twice in a row. It reminds Euphoria very much and there is a chance that this will do less good than its predecessor.However that said- it has the ingredients to do very well.

    Italy - It's 30 seconds too long and I can't see where there are going to cut it without harming the structure of the song. I am sure they will come with a solution, but I think they have very difficult task there.

    Spain - There is something simple with this one. It doesn't take from it's charm. It is well constructed and only need a good presentation to lift it above.

    Sweden - I think this is the weakest of the 6 finalists. It will get a special treatment from SVT, and will end high but they won't win again this year.

    United Kingdom - I don't think it's bad, but it will depends heavily on how she will sing it live.If she doesn't screw the jury's rehearsal and have good draw she may end at top 10.

    Who will win- haven't got a clue.It won't be the best song.Just the one that gets more points than all the other songs.