Saturday, 13 April 2013

Monty: Greetings from Amsterdam

Hello OnEuropeans and greetings from Amsterdam. I'm here with that Rosé to attend this evening's Eurovision In Concert, featuring two-thirds of this year's acts. And Carola. After a generously proportioned in-flight service I was promptly upgraded into a superior room in my hotel just stumbling distance from last night's pre-partying Amstel 54, where the lovely Louis from spun the, well, mp3s until the wee small hours in the venue which was nose-to-nipple with fans from all over Europe and beyond. It was a very jolly night and lovely to see fellow friends and online colleagues from many other Eurovision websites.

The hardy have gone off for the official meet and greet with the artists but we're saving the excitement until tonight as we wanted to make sure the party ended well, frankly, and indulge in some of those lovely Vlaamse Frites they do so well here. Ooh it sounds more exotic that a bag of chips, doesn't it?

After winning semi 1's preview vote in London's long-running Retro Bar Douze Points event on Thursday night one of the big hits of the evening was Ireland, my second favourite this year, so I'm really hoping this translates to support come May. The rest of the play list featured all the classics and some of the less likely ones including Sean Banan to which I skaked my rumps with gusto. Apologies if there was also any gust at the same time, I was a bit windy-pops. There are two parties to be had this evening, the official one after the show in Melkweg, and another in the Amstel 54, which runs until a terrifying 10 AM on Sunday morning. See you there for breakfast then. Well, champagne is a morning drink, after all....

Monty x

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