Wednesday, 1 May 2013

T minus.... Eeerm....

Well. It's my last day at work so it must be nearly Malmo o Clock?? Thanks for the cheese tip anonymous, will get some from the local coop upon arrival I am sure :-).

I know I have a big 6 review to do, ill get that done later and I am still to be convinced that Denmark are to the wonning, but am sure OnEuropers can convince me, either that or sure up that they ain't winning and the betting market is a lie. Your thoughts, as ever, welcomed :)


  1. Denmark - my view hasn't changed.It is repetitive to the point of being irritant.I admit it is a magnet for televoters, just don't think this is what the contest needs as a winner in 2013.

    To be honest it is a year, where I have no particular song I want to win.There a lot I just don't like and hope they will drop out in the SF,and some of them will qualify anyway.

    And I have some questions:
    Where is Rosé's review of SF-2?It is long overdue
    Where has Nick disappear.Not a single word from him in the built up?

    Looking forward to read all your reports from Malmö:)

  2. Rose is working away I believe, but am sure it'll be here presently

    Nick is.... "being Nick" - surely that's a task in itself I hear you cry, but I also hear he is odd-jobbing about and may come swinging through at some point

  3. Yeah, what the biscuit-shaped feller said... I'm well, but I'm finding it a very meh year and the idea of trying to say "something" about "everything" absolutely fills me with meh. Meh! I may indeed swing by during the fortnight, but I'm not planning on being a highly active contributor this time round.

    Fear not though, for the OnEurope bench is strong and the squad rotation strategy looks to be working out nicely!