Sunday, 12 May 2013

Beam me up Robin....

So Robin Sjernberg and Sweden are clearly modelling the Starship Enterprise's new crew uniform for the 2013 summer season. Either that or he's become so attached to his Raddisson hotel bath towel that he's brought it along with. Either way, Robin looks fairly confident in this first run through bringing along his (not quite as pretty as him) mates to prance and cavort around him as if in a body attack class down his local gym. It's all quite busy and disjointed though are nice little dance touches amongst it too. The vocal holds up to scrutiny with the help of one of the dancers doubling up on backing vocals. He manages the big note without bursting a blood vessel and we know Sweden always hold back so this will come up closer to Saturday. Competent enough as of now but a dubbel vinst för Sverige looks unlikely to me. 

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