Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Today I are....

Mostly taking a break on my own from the Eurovision and staying in - i'm not quite 100% for I too have the lurgy thats been going round so Bonnie will have to perform without me this afternoon ( oh dear, never mind!)

However, I have the nets at this fine apartment and will be making comments later.

Now, to address a commenter from last evening - by the name of "Bazzi" who claims there is not a word about the Netherlands on this site.  Well sir or Madam if you care to read, I think you'll find almost all of us have said its qualifying - and it did! - Yay objectivity there then! -  May I suggest you read another smorgasbord of Eurovision Delights as this one doesn't seem to suit your delicate palate?

I shall be in the hall from 4.30ish this afternoon for the 5pm show, and I have tickets for the evening performance so should be in the hall for that, rather than the press centre but, fear not, That cheeky Scamp Riigi says he might blog for me - If his shackles are broken.

Laterz ;)

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