Sunday, 12 May 2013

Robin - It's all because of you!!

First thing you nitice is that he's singing on an  upturned saucer in the middle of the stage with 5 backing dancers that are not quite sure as to what they hould be doing or what they need to be doing and thats the impression of this song. 

It's a very comptantly sung home town entry by someone who isn't Yohio - sorry, by someone who doesn't have any personality and won the final by default - but i'm not bitter, not at all!

Anyway - to me the staging is very negative.  Robin walks through his dancers looking forlornly at them and then out of nowhere bursts into anger - He has 2 of the most ugly backing singers you have ever seen in shot in the background which, again, doesn't help  with the staging and it also doesn't help that, like the thing that I cant mention from the country that dare not speak it's name - you are drawn to them and not to Robin. Also, Robin also strikes a sort of "reverse Rock" pose in the middle of the stage which also isnt that great.

Mind you, I don't know if Europe will think " Slappable face + Shouty song = Meh" but from here it has no impact and there are considerably better songs, don't be surprised if its near the bottom of the pile. 

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