Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Balkans Balkans Balkans.. Where are the Balkans? All out!

Nearly all anyhow, no pressure then Macedonia! 

So how did you do? I got 8/10, I'd not anticipated Belarus and Netherlands but very happy for the Dutch fans though it STILL does nothing for me. I'm still wondering who voted for Belarus. Very pleased that Belgium made it, last night was the first time he looked like he was enjoying himself. And I won some money on him qualifying as an added bonus. Lithuania seems to be the biggest surprise but I did predict he'd look very solid after the Montenegrin mess and that's exactly what seems to have happened, he didnt offend anyone and crept in. Ecstatic for Ireland, Ryan did you proud even though there was a slight wobble on the vocal, he still sold this amazingly. 

In the arena now watching France rehearse, the screens in the press centre didnt carry the feed for Spain so La Montita will have to fill you in on that as he was in the arena earlier than me as I'd gone on a coffee run. It's going to take a lot of it today after our 'quiet' night last night. I am far too old for all this....

Amandine is wearing something black and shredded, anyone in the fashion world reading will probably have a better word for that. She's being told by the director to save her voice but she's ignoring him. If she doesn't she may end up with a voice like Bonnie's for Saturday. Or worse, mine! She's a little more reserved in the performance today, but not a lot! She can't quite thrash about as much in her stillies as she did in her flats. This builds nicely but never quite makes it anywhere and I can't see this doing much business on Saturday. 

Ooh Cascada up next and I've heard something about pyros, squeal! 


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