Saturday, 25 May 2013

My two pennoth on the so-called vote rigging story

So it seems that "Eurovisionista" or whatever it is called has put up an article with regards to the vote exchange stories - good, however they also tend to bury the fan media - bad....
Without giving them publicity by linking, they basically question the links between some fan media and the Azeri's.... but cleverly avoiding actual allegations.

My response to it is :

"It's a readable article, making good points... Right up until it starts to smell of sour grapes when it talks about fan media and delegation links. As I have said before, fan medias job is to report the contest, real media do the mucky work. So what if fan media is with delegations, fans write songs too but nothing is said about that and arguably that's another issue that needs looking at.
It also begs the question about eurovisionista and their agenda. No piece of writing is ever from a neutral stand point, so what do they have to gain from buying other fan media???"

Sources tell me that the person behind the ghost writing "Eurovicious" has tweeted his contempt for fan media previously, therefore hardly helping his own credibility.  Also, he doesn't make any direct allegations, rather lets the reader make their own mind up...... a crafty journalistic trick and no mistake.  He also claims that he has "nothing to gain from this - only helping the credibility of the Eurovision" - really? - I doubt that a site with as small a reach as that one could do anything - I know mine doesn't!

Personally, I don't care whether or not a fan site is linked to a delegation, fcking good luck to them for being that close i say! - It is not Fan media's job, in my opinion, to highlight vote rigging or human rights abuses.  We, the fan media, are constantly told we are not "real journalists" - and yet people want us to be... You can't have everything!!! We cover the contest - This site will remain true to that. 

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