Sunday, 12 May 2013

Monty: Germany first rehearsal

Germany is one of the most hotly-anticipated rehearsals as we wait to see whether Natalie can pull off a rousing performance to compete alongside Loreen to whom she's been compared (often unfavourably). I think this needs something different to the national final to really set it out, but at the same time it needs to not be completely OTT. Here she comes.

She's still on the steps but they're now transparent. She's wearing a much better frock, sequinned with a tangerine train and some glittery fuck-me shoes that are admittedly a little tricky for manoeuvring (read: clumping) down those stairs, but she manages and proceeds to parade along the catwalk to end on the satellite stage. Even for a first rehearsal this was warmly received in the press centre, where several journalists of a certain persuasion are talking about the various gifts they have for her. She's popular alright.

I'm a little disappointed not to see much changed from the German final but this is some energy amid a slow pace so it can't be discounted. I don't think we've just seen the winner though.

Monty x

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