Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Doomed Serviette.

Because let's face it I didn't exactly enhance my reputation on Tuesday now did I?

Using Actual Maths, I've deduced that I'll help my chances by trying to pick the 7 non-qualifiers rather than the 10 that are going through, because as there are only 7 of them there are fewer chances to get it wrong. Actual Maths, there.

SAN MARINO is doomeded. I love it. Everybody loves it. It's got a ballad AND a beat and a key change. But it's doomeded.

(FYR) MACEDONIA is somewhat doomeded as well. In spite of opinions I've heard elsewhere, most songs aren't improved by adding LELELELELELELELELELE. And this is one that definitely isn't.

SWITZERLAND is a bit doomeded, but not dramatically so. Most people neither know nor care about Nanne Gronvall, and quite right too. Nevertheless... doomeded.

ROMANIA is doomeded because it really is a piece of fucking awful shit. (Note to self - use cuss words very sparingly and the comedy payoff when you do is huge, probably)

LATVIA is doomeded because, let's face it, Latvia.

ARMENIA is doomeded because you should never end your song by singing "WE CAN STOP IT!!!!" repeatedly. It just gives people ideas.

One more. Who do you want it to be, kids...?

FINLAND is somewhat unexpectedly doomeded because there's an awful lot of South/East Europe voting tonight and they're going to take one look and say "Ummm... what?"

I think that means Azerbaijan, Malta, Bulgaria, Iceland, Greece, Israel, Hungary, Norway, Albania and Georgia are going through. But don't bet the farm on it. I've bet the farm on San Marino not qualifying. And it's not a very big farm, let me tell you.

Incidentally, am I right in thinking that tonight has the fewest English-language entries - just 9 plus the Greek title - of any Eurovision event since free language was reintroduced in 1999?


  1. Hi Nick,

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but in fact the number of combinations of selecting 10 from 17 is the same as selecting 7 from 17; namely

    --------- = 19448
    10! x 7!

    (! = Factorial)

    There endeth your maths lesson for tonight! Sorry, I'm a bit of a maths bore....

  2. Ah, but are your maths just 'maths' or Actual Maths? Big difference! ;-)

  3. You and me = Håll om mej. Or at minimum they're close cousins.

  4. What are you trying to mean?, That people in Southern Europe are less tolerant than in the North? Gay marriage was approaved in Spain just after Netherlands did it and I must remember most people in Northern countries haven´t done it yet.

  5. Not gay marriage, just the entire "What on earth is that mad Finnish person *doing*" thing. Obviously they got it though! :-)