Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bonnie Dawn Finer!

Oh she's good, our Bonnie is good everyone so you can relax. She sings confidently, goes for a wander over to the band, struts down the catwalk and ends up on the satellite that rises. Nice camera angles here and it's working on this first run through for me. I've had a semi wow moment and any mention of wow in the same sentence as the UK has got to be good news.. 

She's wearing red denim that looks great though I'd doubt she'll wear those on the night. She looks very at ease up there and the vocals seem flawless. There was even a ripple of applause in the press centre and La Monty is having a moment but he is a soppy old sod. If they throw pyros at this in the last run through I'll need resuscitating. 

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