Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Monty: Live from the arena

Good morning! I'm in the arena watching the Big 5 and Sweden. Apparently there was no feed for Spain in the Press Centre so I'm going to stick it out here until Germany. I won't trouble you with repeated comments today but rather try to pick up anything different, better or worse.

Spain is still very pretty. Raquel is in a white dress, short but with a chiffony bit (as has been pointed out I'll never make a fashion editor...). I'm a little concerned about the vocals: it's not quite as rich as she can deliver, but perhaps holding back. There's a single pyro moment at the first chorus. Overall it's lovely but still there's nobody rating heir chances. Except me: I still think it could sneak into the top half.

France and Amandine is resting her voice a little on the early attempts. She's wearing a shredded bin bag fashioned vaguely on Salomé's tassels, and she's still in last night's make-up. She also can barely walk in her heels. There's still a freak out at the end, and whilst this has undeniable power in the hall I still think most viewers will find her terrifying.

Monty x

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