Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Your song will/won’t win because it has the best/worst lyric of the contest

Albania – We only speak one language, so there are no tears anymore

Armenia – Who’s the one with the clever face? That can tell us what is in space?

Austria – But when you’re down here kneeling, there’s no chance to see it

Azerbaijan – I’m lost in your smile, freefalling for miles

Belarus – We play-oh, we play-oh to the rhythm of a cha-cha

Belgium – ‘Cause he didn’t fight for life when he was up against the wall

Bulgaria – Golden boys, girls for millions

Croatia – And the last piece of dried old bread I’ll share with you

Cyprus – And I will always be here for your hardest goodbye

Denmark – So come and face me now here on the stage tonight

Estonia – Now I’m standing on the road looking into my heart where the wind is whistling

Finland – I don’t think I know ladies that will give you cuter babies

France – My neck still shows your tag, I liked exchanging skin

Georgia – My heart is higher than the highest kite

Germany – Crash and burn and lose my mind

Greece – A traffic light in the middle of the sea

Hungary – she makes a carriageway of rosemary pulled by crickets

Iceland – When the wind blows against me I climb over tall mountains

Ireland – And when the stars are aligned you got to make love a state of mind

Israel – Once again at daytime, I’ll save a warm and enveloping gaze

Italy – As the world falls to pieces, I distance myself from excesses and bad habits 

Latvia – I keep pulling myself up, I keep pulling myself up

Lithuania – Because of the shoes I’m wearing today, one is called love, the other is pain

Macedonia FYR – Come on now, get up all gypsies

Malta – ‘Cause good ol’ Jeremy likes his rigorous routine

Moldova – For a thousand nights, the silence swallows me, it wants to forget you, it’s asking too much

Montenegro – I need a party that won’t stop until a girl is showing a piece of flesh

Netherlands – Hopes turned into fear and with my one wing I can’t fly

Norway – I have the future on my tongue

Romania – Like a mountain in the sky, love is high so high

Russia – What if we aimed to stop the alarms?

Serbia – Trust me, sister, I’m doing you a favour

Slovenia – you flow through my veins, inside me you’ll stay

Spain – You are the light that crosses the universe

Sweden – Isn’t it crazy? Yeah, isn’t it crazy?

Switzerland – time is flowing to the sea, we’re together, you and me

Ukraine – I’m like a butterfly spinning round the sun as if to dare

United Kingdom – you never see the rainbow, you just curse the rain

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  1. Worst line in the Serbian song: "then your heart will be just fish food"