Friday, 17 May 2013

Monty: Well, I'm still none the wiser after that...

Well I'm none the wiser after the first rehearsal. The running order delivers a cracking end to the show, although I can't help but think France is an odd opener, and Lithuania to follow doesn't really address the issue of lack of impact that 'arranging' the order was meant to. But the last handful of songs really present a choice for the televoter and it's from here our winner is likely to come.

The opening is stunning: reminiscent of an Olympics opening ceremony as the artists enter across the bridge used on Tuesday's semi final preceded by the flag of their nation. Host Petra was still in not only no make-up but also hair curlers this afternoon, and we had more of Linda Woodruff and some exceptionally quirky Swedish self-mockery throughout the breaks and the interval act. Or interval acts: there seem to be about 700 of them. It's going to be a long night standing tomorrow...

I think I'm analysed out now: it's over to you viewers and juries, do your work tomorrow evening. Choose well; my next year's holiday depends on you! :-)

Monty x

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