Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A quicksticks Servette of Geneva (I think that's what they're called?).

If you've been following this blog avidly over the last week, you know as much as I do. Actually more as I haven't been following it all that avidly. It wasn't my idea to have the living room carpet replaced, and the damned thing didn't lay itself...

Austria. Not qualifying. It's Blandybland McBland from Blandford Forum.
Estonia. Probably qualifying. Juries should have liked it. Televoters might send it to Meh Hell.
Slovenia. Not qualifying. By all accounts, juries will have hated it. Possibly last.
Croatia. Probably qualifying, but a genuine risk that televoters really can't be arsed.
Denmark. Obviously qualifying. Not too sure about Saturday night prospects, but it'll be there.
Russia. Obviously qualifying. See Denmark.
Ukraine. Obviously qualifying. See Russia.
Netherlands. Potentially NOT qualifying. I'm getting a whiff of self-satisfied Sognuness.
Montenegro. Qualifying, possibly in a podium position from that draw. Vocals - tick. Originalality - tick. Televote magnet in the east - tick. Televote magnet in the west - hell tick.
Lithuania. Probably not qualifying. Shoes aren't a good subject for the art of song.
Belarus. Probably not qualifying. It's not 2005 any more.
Moldova. Obviously qualifying. Ticks enough of the boxes.
Ireland. Qualifying. But not as comfortably as some think.
Cyprus. Probably not qualifying. JESC ballads don't even do well in JESC.
Belgium. Probably qualifying. Over and over. And over. And over and over. And over and over and over. Again.
Serbia. Qualifying. It only needs to beat six.

I think that leaves my six unlucky losers as Austria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Belarus, Cyprus. And one of Netherlands, Croatia and Estonia... hmm, do you know, I think it could be Netherlands getting stuck in the memory hole.


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  1. "Self-satisfied Sognuness". Correct me if I'm wrong but Amaury was crapping his pantalons on final night. Anyway Birds is obviously this year's Suus, one that will have it's big fans, and juries will praise to high heaven, but where the televotes are coming from I'm not sure. 12 from Italy though unless San Marino make it in.