Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cascada - Fuckety Fuck Yes!!

WINNER - You can fuck Georgia to high heaven, this is pissing all over it like a Silvia Night golden shower!!

This is every Cascada song and CD and concert you have ever been to or seen but, if you remember, you *like* every cascada song ( Apart from Because the Night belongs to Lovers... cos it's shit!) - She literally pwns the stage and stoms around like she stole it.

This has televoting sponge written all the way through it, this says typical Eurovision all the way through it and, thankfully the last run through has Pyro making it even more televoter friendly ( The Georgian Waterfall to be precise, you dont need to have it in your song title) - It looks the dogs and she can't half sing this type of song (You never see her albums of Cover Versions of Metallica do you!!) - question is, will the Juries give it enough??

A song made for her, written for her, written by her and for the contest.  It's a novel concept, granted, but it's gonna work.

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