Sunday, 12 May 2013

Monty: UK first rehearsal

Bonnie's up next. I'm nervous, I really want her to do well...

Oh she's GOOD! It's a simple band set-up and Bonnie's in casuals today. She has a static mic which helps to keep her steady, none of those tics we saw on her Graham Norton Show performance. Bonnie is vocally great, and not even trying in this, she's very relaxed. She has a walk along the band before heading to the catwalk to finish on the satellite stage, and pulls off an as yet unique trick by having the circular stage rise up above the audience. There a lights under this which could add to a spectacular finish in the hall. This is really great. What a relief! How well it will do though, well we don't know here in the press centre, but this isn't a nul pointer, and could well be on the left hand side of the scoreboard come the night.

Well done Ms Tyler, you're a class act.

Monty x

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