Friday, 17 May 2013

Monty: Just when you think you understand Eurovision...

Just when you think you know this Contest it chucks you more curveballs. I didn't see the Armenian qualification last night at all and was stunned in the hall when they went through (though disappointed by the booing, there's no need for that). The rest I'm unsurprised by, and managed to pick 8 out of 10. My biggest disappointment was Macedonia not making it: perhaps they should have stuck with the original song?

Great fun in the hall last night, we managed to get right by the satellite stage and had a great view of the parts that took place there. Electric atmosphere, one of the best I've known in a semi final yet. And in the most civilised manner that arena has a bar and DJ playing once the show does out, meaning we could enjoy a quick beer and miss the crowds on the train.

We head to Wonk last night, the gay club that has taken over an enormous venue for the week with some great acts. Last night was Martin Rolinski of BWO whom I love so it was a real treat. The problem is the venue was all but empty, with maybe 100 people in max. With the excellent Fan Cafe and lots of fan access to the EuroClub charging such high prices for entrance has left Wonk having to reduce ticket prices and with lower attendance, which is a real shame given the effort they've made. Still they have Charlotte Perrelli this evening and an exclusive deal with Loreen on Saturday so that should pack them in.

A lazy start to the day today, although I've just recorded te podcast for so look out for that later today. I'm going into the hall to see the first rehearsal and see what the running order looks like. I'm still not a fan of the "arrangement" of the order and I'm a little disappointed to see Bonnie in just 15th place but the end of the show is undoubtedly a cracker with all the big guns coming one after the other. With no ex-Yugoslav countries I expect that Greece and Italy will benefit enormously, and it's a very nice place for Ireland.

It's all a but hectic today but I'll try to get back with thoughts after the first run-through. Hopefully we'll also get to hear that specially-composed number by Benny and Björn too!

Monty x

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