Sunday, 12 May 2013

Monty: France first rehearsal

France is next. I haven't really rated this but I am interested in what she does on stage as in the video she looks a bit demented as she unleashes hell on her chap. At the moment she's just standing there singing it in a leather jacket and looking like she's just crawled in from a night on the tiles (not unlike Anouk in those spoof videos showing her waking up having missed the final from too much excess). Towards the end she's giving it some welly, launching herself rather too enthusiastically into the final crescendo, and seeming a bit angry. Heavens to Betsy. You can't really take your eyes off her, but not necessarily fe the right reasons. This is pretty much impossible to call as it's noting like anything else we're going to see. Blimey!

Monty x

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