Wednesday, 15 May 2013

2nd Semi Final - First Rehearsal Live Blog

18.37 - Final Run Through - and they have introduced a countdown clock on the final reprise, which is a good move!! , some dodgy choices of clips. and some dodgy presenting!!

18.24 - Petra Mede is an angry woman in so many way - She looked well pissed off when she did her last bit to camera - She has no make up on, and looks very....... disheveled indeed and somewhat perturbed!!

18.21 - Romania - Cezar doesn't get it does he.  He's high on Ego and not cocaine, oh dear me no!! - This may get the comedy vote, but this is still a mess of the highest order.  

18.17 - Switzerland - Does nothing out of the ordinary -  but after one chorus it plods along like a fucker and doesn't do anything - I think it's satnav is broken, cos instead of winner they have programmed it to the Airport.  Its  a nothing song, probably not qualifying...

18.13 - Georgia - Another of those formulaic songs - It could be Eurovision by Numbers the Eastern European way - but when she leans into him its clunky and they have no on screen and on stage chemistry - It could be on the cusp of not qualifying, but should go through.  

18.08 -  Albania - This too could qualify - It has fireworks and Rock and all sorts of good stuff - It'll tick jury boxes, worried a bit about the Televote though - its not televoter friendly enough is it?? - Roy thinks it might be.

18.06 - Linda Woodruff Business here - in Malmo - Bonnie Tyler plug Ahoy!

18.01 - Norway - Margaret Burger King is doing her business here - this is also qualifying and could well run anything else close.  I'd much prefer this to beat Denmark in a fight to the Eurovision Death because this feels more fresh compared to Denmarks formulaic and staid performance.  This is qualifying from this bit though with ease.

18.00 - Hungary.  Simple staging and has something about it - I'm not sure if its qualifying or not though.  To me it seems a little bit flat and missing something but I don't know what its missing - I know the whole "cool kid" thing is what he does but yet.....

17.55 - Armenia.  hmmmmm.  Next..

17.50 - Israel - Forget the Styling och Consulting - It's the vocal thats the trouble with this one - She's all over the shop and  it and after the previous 5 - It's going to get lost.  

17.47 - Greece - If this doesn't go through i'm changing my name etc...... - I turned to Mr Hack Saw and said " This is in trouble?" - I was completely wrong.   It's the next one thats in trouble... and i'll explain why presently.

17.41 - Iceland - If this doesn't go through I'm going to change my name to Paddy McShitsville.  This makes me cry like most Icelandic songs of years but Eyesore hasnt half got a pair of lungs on him and my eyes have gone all teary.  Fucking vote for this tomorrow.    The kids are unmoved but they know nothing.  DANGER  DANGER!!!

17.38 - Bulgaria, however, are in deep trouble.  This has nothing new or exciting to offer and jst bores me - Its almost 3 minutes of drumming and I don't know where its going to get votes from.  

17.35 - I get the feeling that Malta may well do very well here - It's simple enough and homely enough for the people back home to like it and genuine enough for the juries to tick their boxes.  Going through!!

17.29 - Finland  They are clearly socially forwards over here as the kiss was unedited for the kiddies!! - It's still sailing through as Krista doesn't do anything other than you wouldn't expect.  Top 5

17.24 - Azerbaijan - Farid is gripping his microphone like his life depends on it and its also as though he has just seen a crowd for the first time in his life and completely and utterly panicked.  There was fear that I could smell on him from here - He has to get over that otherwise he could be sunk.

17.20 - Esma's mate has taken the glasses off and now looks a hundred percent better, however when Esma comes on there is something very engaging in quite the wrong kind of good ways! - However if this gets through be careful for it, as who else are the balkans going to vote for???

17.16 - San Marino - She learnt how to count the time changes, it looks great but, to me, she's trying a little bit too hard to get through - it's almost me, me, me, me, me... It might be her though.  

17.12 - PeR would have just woken Europe up, as opposed to Last Night's business - 8000 kids going mental to this - this should now be qualifying if the audience reaction is anything to go by.

17.09 - Petra Mede looks like Pete Burns - bloody hell its awful - still, we're off now.

17.02 - and we're off with an interpretive dance of lots of cultures to embrace the We Are One theme....

Afternoon Europe - This is where the site's rolling blog will be for this afternoon's shenanigans!!

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