Monday, 13 May 2013

Feel the rhythm

So we now approach the business end of our month time in Malmö.  It's been all nice and friendly so far, but now the gloves come off and the bloodbath will begin.  Maybe a former slaughterhouse wasn't a bad place for a Euroclub after all.

I might be blogging for you, dearest reader, if I can spare the time from my other job.  I'm sure you'll welcome my opinions.  If not, other bloggers and websites are available.

In the meantime, here are my brief thoughts on the Big 5+1, who rehearsed for the first time yesterday:

Spain: I love it.  Very pleasant song, beautifully sung, by one of the best pieces of eye-candy in the contest.  Nicely staged and very simple in delivery.  However, I fear it might get lost in the mayhem once the voting starts.

France: I love it too.  The automatic have really raised their games this year.  Amandine puts me in mind of Patricia Kaas and has a harshness about her voice that suits this perfectly.  Her stage show is great, starting simply and building up to a dramatic finish.  Left hand side of the scoreboard if I had my way, possibly top left hand side.

Germany: I've said from the start that this could win.  It's not necessarily my favourite, but I can see its natural appeal.  Cascada sells this really well and knows how to work the camera.  Top 3 I reckon.

Sweden: Hmmm.  What nice to say about the host nation's song.  They obviously don't want to win.  In fact, there's the chance Christer's contrived it for the host song in Malmö to finish worse than him.  Robin seems like a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter(house) here.  Doesn't look like it'll do very well to me.

UK: The BBC made a different choice in Bonnie.  She performed very well in rehearsals yesterday, each time she ran through the song.  I think the UK of stuff could do really well this year.  Left hand side of the scoreboard if there's any justice.  Maybe even higher.

Italy:  I wasn't sure what to make of this one.  Marco had not long arrived in Malmö's fair city, and it seemed to show,  I like the song, but he didn't really seem to be trying.  He looked a little distracted.  Maybe it was the travelling, but if he carries on like this on Saturday, I think he's going to be sorely disappointed.

So there we are.  I probably disagree with you on many of these, but I like to give my opinion, and it would be a dull old world if we all liked the same stuff.

Enjoy the coming days, try not to get covered in the blood and guts that will fly from the two semi-finals.  And may the best songs qualify!  ;-)

Love and hugs

R x

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