Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Well it has to be said...

...that apart from the results, that all went very much as I expected. Kudos to SVT, sound and vision were bang on the money right from the start for me and it seems like years since that happened.

Nice easy results - we lost Austria, Cyprus and stunningly, all four ex-Yugo countries. Really disappointed and very, very wrong about Montenegro, but they were the winners in my heart. Needed more dry ice.


  1. I wonder what odds you could have got on none of the ex-Yugos qualifying? I would imagine it would be fairly huge.

  2. I got 8 of 10.Missing Belarus and Lithuania, however when I saw Lithuania on stage I somehow felt he will qualify.

    Very, very happy about The Netherlands.Got almost an heart attack when it was the last to come out.

    Didn't expected none of the ex Yugoslavia not to qualify.And quite sorry about Croatia.

    Belarus was screeching and off key.Yet they qualify,figure out.

    Was it just me or was the reaction in hall for Ukraine very mute?

    It is going to be an interesting final.

  3. And I forgot- qualifiers are split even between both halves of the semi.5 from the 1st half and 5 from the 2nd half

  4. Why cant this blog be objective? NL is the worst country regarding qualifying and theres no single word about it. Just strange. And most of you thought they wouldnt qualify. Ha! Wrong :)

  5. Plenty of time to focus on the 10 qualifiers later in the week. For me, tonight's all about the 6 unlucky ones. :-)

  6. Lol at Bazzi objective. :-D

  7. I didn't vote for Montenegro but I have to admit I regret that now. Would have been a bit of fresh air (despite the dry ice!) in the final. I did vote for Austria, Denmark (it's got "winner" written all over it) and Belgium.