Sunday, 12 May 2013

Monty: host conference and Sweden first rehearsal

We just enjoyed a very nice press conference with the host Petra Mede. She's relaxed and laid back with a casual but not cocky confidence. The organisers mentioned something about slotting Petra into skits of memorable moments of Eurovision history, which could be entertaining. Best question of the day came from a French fan reminding us of the status of the French language in the Contest and asking about her ability. Petra replied in flawless French recommending that he ask the question en Français.

Sweden is next on the stage, will we see any change to the Melodifestivalen presentation? We'll certainly need to have live backing vocals. We have two backing vocalists who also join the choreography with three main dancers. They're all in creams, greys and white, with Robin sporting something draped over and off his shoulders with a huge lapel. They perform on and around a conical plinth on the main stage, in slightly different formation to the Swedish final. For a first rehearsal they're clearly just getting the feel of the stage, blocking and cameras so they're quite obviously holding back in movement, but it makes it look a little odd and unsynchronised, almost happen-chance in parts. At the moment it needs a considerable amount of work to look cohesive.

Monty x

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  1. You might not have seen it, but there is a preview of Petra's eurovision history sketches here: