Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Monty: UK - Bonnie's second rehearsal

We're in the arena again for Bonnie. The floor manager introduced her saying "make room for the legend"! Of course this is still polished and Bonnie really looks like she's having fun with the whole Eurovision experience, something I hope encourages other UK singers to want to take part. She's in black trousers with frilly dangly bits (eat your heart out Anna Wintour, your job will be mine!) with beautiful hair keeping it all simple and classy. She had a little laugh with the audience at the end of the first run-through. We believe she now has a second half draw as the first half places for the Big 5 have gone to Germany, France and Spain. That can only help her chances surely?

I'm so pleased this is looking good. In fact it's just all dawned on me I'm sat here watching bloody Bonnie Tyler doing a cracking rehearsal for the UK and I'm quite come over. And now Bonnie's just waved at me from the raised podium! Excuse me whilst I have a moment...

Monty x


  1. Fab Monty - she seems to be a great sport and representative of the UK. Lets hope she does well :) john mc xx

  2. She's really entered the spirit of it all John, SO refreshing!