Wednesday, 15 May 2013

UK and Italy as seen by Rosé

Nothing at all wrong with Bonnie's performance. The camerawork is balanced, her vocal is strong and the ending will be great with her on the plinth with all the audience wristbands lighting up. Will it have enough oomph though to get into the left hand side of the scoreboard? She's going to have a draw somewhere like 15 or 17 I reckon to contrast with Sweden's entry. I hope the juries award the well crafted song and performance and her fans pick up the phones to vote. I think it's fair to say she will do better than Englebert. She's absolutely charming in her interviews and press conferences, people are saying she's like your slightly mad aunt! She's here to promote her album of course but she seems genuinely surprised at the standard of the competition and the organisation. She was moved to tears during the conference whilst telling us that she's wearing her mum's ring for luck and she hoped she was watching down on her today. 

Marco for Italy up next and I had another goosebump moment. His vocal is soaring and he's playing around with some of the lines especially the 'stupidi' one and that's working a treat. He also walks down the catwalk for the ending which I'm not sure is necessary but I guess it's a way to make engage more with live audience. This has to be an absolute jury sponge for its simplicity and if it follows something gimmicky on Saturday could easily see Italy in the top 5. His press conference was mad. He is a bordering between nervous and mad but actually came across better than I'd imagined talking about Italy's absence from Eurovision and how he hopes the simplicity of the song and the message will be understood. 

I'm battling with tiredness today but am powering through with coffees and chocolate balls. Semi two dress rehearsal at 5 so will watch from the press centre as the arena is closed to press for this one to allow the school kids who've helped at the early technical rehearsals a chance to see the live show. 


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