Thursday, 16 May 2013

Monty: Glad-handing our public

I'd just like to say a hello to the two people who came up to us at various points yesterday to say hello. Koen from Belgium (or was it the Netherlands? Sorry, I forgot...) who we met at breakfast and then the guy whose name I also forget (I'm really terrible with names, as I also am with faces if we meet again, it's amazing I even remember who Jody is at times...) who came over at the OGAE party to ask if I was Monty from the Internet. Yes, I am!  It's always lovely to meet those of you who are so loyal to the site and who say you've read it for years, the positive feedback is so greatly appreciated and it's nice to have the personal connection. I hope Rosé and I are managing to keep up the great work that Phil, Nick, Frank and Roy, along with that mysterious Rigi, have done throughout the years.

Monty x


  1. Would it be OK to mention now that little promise you made earlier in the week? You're obviously a total sweetheart, with barely a bad word to say about anyone, but you seemed to get well and truly oiled last night. So when are you going to dish the dirt? I want names, reasons and who you nominate as Eurovision C**t of All Time.

  2. A tip for when you forget someone’s name. Ask them "how do you pronounce your name again”. It works. I have been to loads of events like this standing talking with lads whose accreditation badge is the wrong way round.

  3. Anonymous, that's all very well until the person looks very strangely at you and says something like "Jon" or "Jane"! :-)

    And Monty if you or any of the other OnEurope gang are around on Friday or Saturday I'd love to say hello. Flying out tomorrow for my first Eurovision since Stockholm all those years ago and I am so excited!

  4. Hi Monty! So glad to have met you today.

    Unfortunately Macedonia did not make it through for me, but hey, I knew that was going to happen as soon as they changed Imperija for Pred da se razdeni back in March. To compensate though, I did appear in the broadcast for a few seconds.

    Hope you enjoyed the second semi final! Keep up the great work!