Saturday, 11 May 2013

The last five semi finalistes have performed..

.... and loads to think about.

Margaret Max Berger from Norway was much better in rehearsal today so I'm told. There is really nothing to report in difference to the MGP performance you've all seen already. She still oozes cool and this looks cool too. I still think it might take a few seconds too long to get going for the general viewer but I'd love this to win for the integrity of the contest. 

We missed Albania I'm afraid as we needed a beverage, it's a lame excuse isn't it but looking at the video, no surprises in store. Just a good rock song done well. There are always points for rock done well at the contest and they'll steal any points that Armenia had scraped off the bottom of the rock barrel. 

And so to Georgia. This ticks all my boxes and even those I didn't know I had. Dry ice, up jets of steam, falling wall of pyros, all the money shot camera angles and a powerful vocal performance. It's very satisfying to me but I just wonder if Europe will maybe see it as slightly over done? I'd happily go to Georgia next year but I feel the votes might just go for songs that are a little more real. 

TAKASA next from Switzerland and this seemed to drag for me. Three minutes made to seem a lifetime, how many times the camera just pan along the band rooted to the spot belting this out? I guess there's not much to do with a song like this. It's mildly rousing and catchy but I think they're in a bit out of their depth. 

And the last semi finalist to rehearse is the Phantom Of The Opera on acid, served on a bed of placenta. Cezar has shaved his chest but only down as far as his midriff and at the end you could see his hot and sweaty garden path of hair peeping out. Not nice, in fact he's not looking well. All this angst in a PVC bodice being winched up and down on a hydraulic plinth must be taking its toll. This is a plinth too far even for Eurovision and a no no no from me. 

So that's your lot.

From what I've seen today it's Azerbaijan all the way from this semi with Georgia and Norway also performing well. Now we have easier rehearsal days ahead with the big five and Sweden tomorrow which will be very interesting. Belarusian party tonight at the euroclub with an early start tomorrow which will be interesting. Must remember not to neck the free vodkas too quickly. More tomorrow... if the liver holds...

We will be doing another video tonight if we can so watch out for that and thanks for reading.

Night night 


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