Friday, 17 May 2013

Viewing figures are out!!

For the site - not the show although, while we're at it the UK's viewing figures are:

SF1 -- 681,500  vs 745,000 Last Year
SF2 -- 491,000 vs 484,000 Last Year

So no one watches Eurovision then??

Anyway - Sites viewing figures for last week are in and I am, frankly, stunned

Views are up 4.94% on 2012 and Pageviews are up by an astounding 28.46%  I can't believe that the corner of the web that I run has become so populist all of a sudden - I don't know what to say other thank thank you so very much ;)


  1. Maybe the suspension (or demise?) of the All Kinds of Everything website had a positive effect on your figures. Either way, OnEurope is still definitely my first port of call for all things Eurovision. You chaps are the dogs bollocks.

  2. Agree with Anonymous above. The Eurovision Ireland site, which has kind of replaced AKOE, is, sadly, a mess. All the more reason to stick with OnEurope, as I've done over the past 2-3 years! Missing the videos, though.