Monday, 13 May 2013

OnEurope's live blog is here!

21.52 - Belgium again- due to circumstances beyond his control.  I suspect the Juries didn't get it or it was out of time with the backing track.

Also, Lynda Woodruff is HILARIOUS!


2130 - Lots of backstage bollocks with Petra Mede speaking to not many people - but she's ace!! - Eurovision History tour now

2120 - my Qualifiers are below (Definites in Bold)
Belarus             (Don't be surprised to see any of these 3 replace any of the 4 above)

22.19 - Serbia - No a hope in hell I hope - It looks sillier than me not eating Cheese.  Not Qualifying. 

22.14 - Belgium - Seemed to be half a beat out with the backing track at the beginning of this but fought back manfully to make a good fist of a boring song.  Juries might well have gone for its earnest-ness, but not so sure about the televote, but I have raised it from definitely not to  Maybe Qualifying

22.10 - Cyprus - Just broke my ears with some notes, but she went down well in the hall, which is always a danger, but I still think too weak to qualify.  Not Qualifying

22.06 - Advert break - Little thing about Australia - best not to ask....... ;) - It's the laughing with people thing rather than laughing at!

22.04 - Ireland - I have been won round by this song - RTE listened to the "Irishness" comments in the first rehearsal and toned it down but, despite Garrett being in my apartment here in downtown Malm, this is a good song and will be a radio song without the contest.  Ryan has grown in confidence on stage and looks good.  A modern song for a Modern contest - Qualifying. 

22.00 - Moldova - This is going through - sorry I was put off by some Irishman getting me all excited for Ryan to come.   Qualifying

21.55 - Belarus - Problems with this one at the start and all the way through.  She seems not to get on with the headset microphone and there was a definite feeling that her mic was lower than the backing singers - She really does seem to be struggling with this one and whilst its still uptempo, her actions don't inspire confidence with this.  Has it appealed? - Well it is the only one like it in the Semi so that will count for it - Maybe Qualifying.

21.52  - Lithuania - Nice big reception in the hall - but his eyes give this away - Hes a mentallist.  Sings a simple song very well though, which could be its charm but I am still not so sure.  That Riigi Scamp will probably give you a different view, but he's Estonian and therefore has an affinity.  Not Qualifying.

21.48 - Montenego - I *so* want this to qualify I am willing it to do so - It went down very big in the hall when they dropped their dubstep beats... It got a large cheer - I so hope so!! Maybe Qualifying

21.44 - Netherlands, The.  Its great on screen, performed like Anouk just couldnt give a monkey's tit, and thats what it needs - too deep for the televoter perhaps? Qualifying

21.41 - Ukraine - Apart from the Giant, it's all compentantly performed well - my worry here is whether or not its just a concept set to music.  It felt a bit twee and a bit lacking something when I saw it on the screen - I think it's slipped down now.  Maybe Qualifying

21.34 - Russia - She still looks like that fat kid that used to play the lead violin in your school Orchestra's - has just that bit more talent and knows it - but the song is so sweet that you need shedloads of anti sugar drugs to get through the 3 minutes.  If you can get past the faux message, it's a good song and looks that bit too contrived to be anything other that a Eurovision song.  However, have C1R been watching a Kdam, Israeli Choreography ahoy! - Qualifying.

21.31 - Adverts - Petra Mede now laughing at everyone with her suggestions for the taglines!!

21.29 - Denmark - Qualifying - I dont think it's an Even Money favourite to win the whole damn thing to be honest, but who knows!!

21.24 - Croatia  Again, a complete contrast, the Juries will have turned back on for this song and realized what a dogs dinner Slovenia was.  This is borderline as I dont know where its televotes are coming from yet.- Maybe Qualifying

21.20 - Slovenia NO NO NO NO NO - Completely off key vocal with the first chorus - thats any chance she had completely ruined - she might as well sing the phone book from now on, because the Juries have stopped marking her.  Not Qualifying. 

21.17 - Estonia - Whereas in complete Contrast Birgitte is assured and got a ripple of applause in the hall by just walking down the catwalk - this 11000 are very knowledgeable you know.  I still think her maternity dress isn't helping the overall loo but it wakes them up more than the last one.  The note at the end pushes this over the edge.  Qualifying.

21.12 - Austria - Natalie isn't qualifying with this song - I know it, you know it, ORF are virtually certain of it, but the only people that don't know it yet are the juries.  To me she is trying to hard to polish that Turd she has been given to sing - it's incipd and has no oomph to get through to the 5 people in rooms across Europe.  Not qualifying.

21.09 - Interesing, you can vote upto 20 times for your favourite song apparently - and a plug for the official App! - EBU in 2010's shocker, and they are ready to please me, apparently Matron!

21.07 - Petra Mede on stage now, She is a cross between Jan Leeming and a Swedish Porn model!

21.06 - It's old mumbler Loreen, what a surprise!!! Desending from the rafters of the arena!

21.00 - Off on time to the strains of the familiar music..... Opening with the Musical Olympic flame around Europe to Malmo!

20.55 - Riigi is also blogging above me! - He won't tell me who he is, but I know he is here somewhere!

20.50 - I suspect the pre-show will contain Euphoria! - They have the Karaoke Version on the screens

20.48 - Hello Europe - We're in the press centre waiting for the start - its at 2100 CET

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  1. According to Daniel Gould @ Sofabet,Belgium perform again,due to technical issues they had during jury rehearsal

    if I hadn't said it, yet-thank for the coverage- I wouldn't expect less from you:)