Monday, 13 May 2013

Riigi's views on the jury first semi-final rehearsal

23.00 - It's all over now, until tomorrow night.  Good night and I hope you enjoyed this.

22.55 - The dummy results are now coming out.  It's a very good use of the split screens.  We have Belgium, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Lithuania, Cyprus, Belarus, Austria, Slovenia and Russia.  Please remember, dear reader, that these are dummy results, and there are very likely to be some very different results tomorrow night.

22.50 - As you'll know from Phil, Belgium's Roberto is performing again.  How nervous must he be?

22.46 - An EBU spokeswoman takes us to the very north of the beautiful country of Sweden. I won't say who she is, but she knows what she's talking about.

22.44 - The usual dancing on stage in the form of an interval act of people dancing in snow.  Typical you-have-to-be-there sort of thing.

22.39 - Another reprise of the 16 songs, before we're told Belgium will perform again.  How intriguing.

22.34 - Our hostess Petra takes us on a whistle stop tour of the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.  It's very imaginative, see if you can spot her.  She had me fooled.

22.28 - As you might know, after we see a brief recap of the 16 songs, they cut to the Green Room.  The real performers have all gone home, so we have some random 'normal' people there instead.  Queue enforced 'spontaneous' humour.

22.20 - It's too late now, but Serbia should have stuck to their devil and angel outfits. The frocks don't work and it looks like they got dressed in the dark.  But they are very good-looking.  And way too young for the likes of me.

22.15 - Belgium has really started to impress me here.  I gave it no chance several weeks ago, partly because of the cut price national final from RTBF.  But Roberto's really improved.  Maybe a shock finalist.

22.11 - Cyprus's Despins has changed her frock from this afternoon.  Can she do that?  Anyhoo, it's good but it's not right.  Doubtful qualifier I'm afraid.

22.07 - Eurovision is popular in Australia apparently.  So they'll all be stopping shearing their sheep and throwing prawns on barbies to watch the show on SBS.  Strewth!

22.05 - Ireland's act is brill too.  Lots of heart-shaped hands, drumming, more drumming and wide open arms.  I swear there were people dancing to it in the arena.  Ryan's in the final.

22.01 - Moldova's act is brill.  I've decided I love the Romanian/Moldovan language.  Aliona's hair do might be a bit distracting, but I want them there on Saturday.

21.57 - God bless Belarus and their collection of kitchen sinks.  Glitter balls aside, it's still way too busy for me.  Althought I love Belarus, I haven't got it deep inside anymore.  Doubtful qualifier.

21.53 - Lithuania's Andrius has named his shoes, and maybe I should too.  Any suggestions.  It got a big cheer at the start and the end, which surprised me.  Maybe it's sympathy.  Not through, but you never know.

21.49 - Montenegro like to do something different.  I think space suits and cyborgs are pure genius.  If I had my way, it would be through first.  I suspect Europe might either love it or hate it.  I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed it qualifies.

21.45 - When I first heard the Dutch song, I didnt' give it a prayer.  I still don't, but I can see its appeal.  Maybe I've been here in Malmö too long.

21.41 - Giants aside, Ukraine know what they're doing at Eurovision.  Good looking singer, effective stage show, bit of jiggling about.  All good.  welcome to Saturday, Ukraine.

21.37 - Russia's song is a by the numbers thing.  Safely through, but not a winner.

21.32 - Our hostess Petra tells us some of the alternative slogans they could allegedly have used for this contest.  It is even more expensive in Norway apparently.  She's not a bad presenter for this show, and keeps things ticking along nicely.

21.31 - Denmark will be through, sadly.  It was a very good performance, of what is, in my humble opinion, a very mediocre song.  I would laugh myself silly if Denmark failed to get through.  But it will go through.

21.26 - I saw Croatia's Klapa s mora perform live the other night, and they were brilliant.  No microphones needed really.  They are through and could spring a surprise.

21.22 - Slovenia just been on, and it was not very good.  She sang flat for a lot of the song.  The juries aren't going to score this very highly.  Unlikely to qualify.

21.19 - Estonia is a favourite of mine.  The girl did good.  Really really easy on the eye and I want her through.  Wote for Estonia people.  And you get up to 20 wotes.  use them visely.  ;-)

21.15 - Natália has really nice eyes, and she has a really 'nice' song.  But 'nice' doesn't win Eurovision.  And neither will she.  Good on her though for the practicing with the hairbrush.

21.11 - Each postcard is set in the country who'll be performing.  We see a butterfly land and then the performer going about their business.  First on Austria.

21.08 - Our hostess Petra quotes Orson Welles in that we're born alone and we'll die alone.  Nice sentiment for an uplifting riotous cavalcade of quality song.

21.05 - Loreen (remember her?) walks along an illuminated catwalk past the children who are signing and singing their way through an obscure number called Euphoria.  Sounds familiar somehow.

21.02 - The scene cuts to the Öresund Bridge and thousands of flag-patterned butterflies.  Then to the arena and a children's choir singing Euphoria.

21.01- The show opens with a montage of the song Euphoria being performed throughout Europe in different styles. Greek traditional instruments, French beat-box, Russian military band. You get the idea.

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