Monday, 21 May 2012

Administrivia and give us ten?!

Well...... Going to work the Monday before the contest is a novelty for me, usually I am drinking in the delights of the host city.... Like what our team on the ground are doing.

Today's timetable :

First semi dress rehearsal is at 1400GMT and that Monty and Rosé are threatening a piece to camera afterwards!! No text based commentary as Riigi is away on other duties!

Tonight at 2000GMT there is the jury final and, provided a live stream somewhere is up at midnight Baku time, I'll be text blogging that one audio only natch.

Also a reminder that I need your ten qualifiers ASAP so we can see if greater oneurope is better than the real world.

I'll put mine up tonight. Promise!

Toodles :)

1 comment:

  1. My ten are (in no particular order)
    Iceland, Greece, Albania, Romania, Cyprus, Denmark, Russia, Austria, Moldova, Ireland
    Thanks for everything!

    Rick from The Netherlands