Sunday, 20 May 2012

UK Yay....

Oh yay, that's more like it!  Englebert's voice must have acclimatised to the ahem, altitude...
Staging of this is just beautiful and the last minute was much stronger vocally today. It really all is in that note at the end and he can do it. He must do it!  I was very happy seeing and hearing an improvement today and had a moment of patriotic pride in the arena watching it.  The German table next to me think we should do away with the dancers but I disagree, I love the subtlety of the dancers and it really adds to the whole package. He's an old pro and the UK is in safe hands... shame about the draw.

The French HoD has had more than a hand in the staging of this. Those dancers' trackie bottoms are so tight you can see their tricolores!  Very very busy staging, the cameramen must be cursing at this one.  Torsos aplenty and whilst that's fine by the likes of me, it won't set the scoreboard alight on Saturday.

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