Monday, 21 May 2012

The Hump meets the press

Just  a final comment from yesterday: we made The Hump’s press conference where he was witty and endearing, and we chatted to Arlene Philips who I have to say has done a great job with the simple choreography. We checked in with her to remind him he needs to get it right on TWO nights for the jury rehearsal so hopefully that will mean he doesn’t do a Blue! The Hump made a bit of a geographical faux pas when Kat from Sweden opened the questions and he burst into a yodel to make her feel more at home. Somebody had to nudge his and say Sweden, not Switzerland but it was very professionally recovered! He looks like he’s having fun!
By the way the Beeb told us that the semis will get a plug on the One Show back in the UK before they air, so have a look out and see what’s going on. I believe there may be a live link with the man himself!
Monty x


  1. The Semi's are not on BBC HD:(

  2. I'll have a word and see what I can wangle... :-)

    Sadly not, which is a shame. I don't even know if they're going out in HD at all this year, though I think the final is.

  3. I'll tell what IS on BBC1 HD: Panorama tonight, 8.30pm "Eurovision's Dirty Secret". Apparently it's about how "homes have been bulldozed and people in Baku forcibly evicted as the Azeri government 'cleans up' the capital in preparation for the contest". So I don't think we're going to get a fluffy, warm introduction to this year's show.