Thursday, 24 May 2012

Neck on blog time..

So I've got to put my neck on the blog now for semi 2 and try to figure out who the hell is going through. Yep, this one is pretty tough to call. I'd dearly love Malta, Netherlands and Portugal to go through tonight but my head is telling they will miss out.

Let's rule out the no hopers which have to be Slovakia and Bulgaria. Apparently Sofi has pressed the pyrotechnics panic button but she's flogging a dead horse here and although there is an appetite for rock somewhere in Europe, Slovakia is just bad rock.

So there's four dead certs

Serbia has the song, the name and the neighbours
Ukraine has a performance and neighbours
Sweden has to be a dead cert, I'd be shocked if it didn't go through
Turkey has the diaspora voting in this semi and a good performance of a bad song

Now it gets hard... 6 places from 12.   oh gosh....

I wonder will all the Balkan ones make it?  I predict a lot of moaning from the other countries if that happens and I doubt it will with juries now voting in the semis.

I like all of them though I'm very disappointed with Bosnia's staging. I just see Macedonia missing out due to the draw and it not being instant enough though I love Kallopi I'm calling her out. So I'm adding Slovenia and Croatia to the 'ins' and holding onto Bosnia for the minute!

So four more from Malta, Lithuania, Netherlands, Georgia, Norway, Belarus, Portugal, Bosnia and Estonia..

It's not getting easier...

Malta has vastly improved from the national finals and he's added the shimmy..
Lithuania is belting out a great sounding version of a naff song but the gimmick blindfold is offputting
Georgia is just awful
Netherlands is charming but I think people will be focusing on her outfit and not listening to the song
Norway is slick and pretty and nothing else like it
Belarus is not slick but very pretty to look at
Portugal I love but it's just so Portuguese
Estonia to me is sublime

I'd say Norway and Estonia go through first.
I'm eliminating Lithuania, Georgia, Netherlands and Belarus for the above reasons.
Bosnia was my favourite before coming here but it's going down all the time for me now but I think she'll just make it...

So that must leave Portugal and Malta fighting for my last spot and I'm going to plump for Malta as I think a strong UK vote for this will nudge him over the line that Glen didn't get last year.. Unless Scott Mills slags off  Kurt

So I have..


There you go....
I'd love to be wrong on a few of these...

Enjoy the show


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  1. Portugal has diaspora too. Malta missing out too samie to Noway