Monday, 21 May 2012

Barely time to fart...

Morning all! It's as busy as you like here in Baku and we have been running from party to party, to erm, party! We need to orientate ourselves in the city today before seeing the first rehearsal at 6 local time. Ticketing arrangement are such that we're unlikely to be issued with our ticket for tonight's jury semi until after it's finished tomorrow (and this is a huge problem for the OGAE guys who are trying their best to keep everybody happy - we feel for you!) so nothing from that I'm afraid. There is some to come about last night's frivolities with Ralph Siegel, but that will have to wait until we reach the press centre.

Now, let's wait another 30 minutes to get a cab an hour across town with no hope of reaching our destination...

Monty x

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  1. Personally, I think everyone should set aside time to fart. Sometimes it's the highlight of my day!