Friday, 25 May 2012

Italy, Azerbaijan and Spain press conference

I am falling in love with Nina!  She's just striking the right balance between sassy, witty and charming. The Italian delegation hinted they would continue in eurovision and still link it with San Remo though, as this year, not send the winner of San Remo automatically to the contest.  In choosing Nina, they feel they are showing the modern face of Italian music albeit with a retro styled song.

Sabina next for the host nation. She presented flags of the sixteen nations who didn't make it through the semis. When I say presented, she flounced past the flags already assembled on the desk and then moved them a couple of inches along the desk helped by the moderator!  Still a nice touch.

She was asked 'that' question about certain nations not being here and gave 'that' answer that eurovision is all about music, not politics.

The gorgeous Pastora next. She's still nervous in English but fair dues for learning it for the contest. She was asked about the rumour TVE don't want to host the contest which she flatly denied. She said she had been mis-quoted and the many Spanish press in the room were clearly agitated at this rumour. She sang her song and then a traditional andalucian song Copla which brought the house down!  I love her too...

We are heading into the arena to see the dress rehearsal of the final!  Eek..

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  1. Nina did a great interview on BBC3 on Tuesday night. She was funny and elegant and looked gorgeous. She even had a go with a few 'double entendre' jokes. Love that woman. Hope she gets lots of douze points.