Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Twenty-five hours a day

I think my last post was before the first semi-final.  Apologies because I was 'on duty'.  I have to say I enjoyed the first semi-final.  To be fair, there were not any real shocks in it as far as I was concerned.

I scored nine in the predictions, getting Switzerland and Albania wrong.  I know one of my associates scored a full 10, winning the princely sum of 10 Manat in the process.

I stayed at the press centre for the winners' press conference and witnessed a Russian hack proposing to Ivi Adamou and one of the Babushki not knowing who Loreen was.  All good fun.  The after show party was OK.  Plenty of free beer - Xirdalan, but of course other beers are available - and little nibbles and fruit kebabs.  It's good to know the organisers are thinking of our five-a-day.

Jedward and Engelbert held a little joint press conference today in one of the behemoths of a hotel that are liberally sprinkled along the sea front.  It was all very genial and good-natured.  The Hump appears to be a little Mutton Jeff.  On being asked about the starting positions of the UK of Stuff (1st) and Ireland (23rd) in the Final, the Hump congratulated Jedward on being 'about half way through the running order' despite being told (on his deaf side presumably) that there were only 26 songs in the Final.  They were soon whisked away to the restaurant on the 98th floor (or thereabouts) for interviews and photos with 'special' organisations.

I've just watched the first dress rehearsal of the second semi-final (still with me), and this is a lot more open.  There will be a shock - Georgia qualifying or Norway NOT qualifying perhaps.  I'll try and persuade the J&M Punditry Show to make another little video just to guide you through tomorrow's field.

Until then, I have a Lebanese restaurant to find.

Spot ya  ;-)

Riigi x

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