Sunday, 20 May 2012

Poker face

And so to another nation that has never failed to make the final (except when they refused to withdraw their song about Putin). La Georgie. My immediate instinct is to hate this, but in reality I admire him greatly for saying f**k you to the rest of Europe and doing his own thing. He has a group of backing dancers and singers, each with their own zimmer frame and they find a use for one of the redundant drums from Rimi Rimi Ley. Musically it's abhorent but this contest badly needs his presence in the final if people in the rest of Europe (nevermind Azerbaijan) are not asleep before the voting. And personally I don't recognise the rights of South Oscetia so bollocks to you Russia!

Toto: I hadda the friend just like him

Gigliola: Excuse please?

Verdict: sailing through to the final and don't bet against top ten once the British see it....

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