Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Second semi run through..

After a late start and a stroll through the shopping disctrict we wended our way to the arena to see the second semi from a good vantage point whilst keeping one eye on the giant screens to see how it's looking for the tv show. We'll not see the screens tomorrow night as sat behind the stage, that'll be interesting..

The hosts struggled a bit today but it only a rehersal..

I'm sure I counted 7 people on stage here but this is as polished as you like and sailing through.

Always going to be hard following singing second and following Serbia but she's got a great voice and this has a more raw and real feel to it that I think MAY carry Kalliopi over the line.

Indiana Joan looks so lost and vulnerable onstage bless her. That headress looks ever so heavy too. This is so sweet and I'd love it to qualify. Who put the band so far away from her?

I think UK viewers will vote for Kurt Schwimmer, he's just so smiley and the schimmie shots are looking great on tv. Whether many others will vote for him is yet to be seen.

Dmitry is far too pretty for this song. They had to restart the song in this run through as there was a technical hitch, fingers crossed for tonight.

Filipa in a metallic gold frock looks great. The Lisbon backdrop makes me long to go back to my favourite European city. I'd love this to surprise everyone and make it.

Only at eurovision you'd go from fado to Gaytana in her shredded frock with trumpeteers!  This looked and sounded strong today.

I like salmon shaded pvc as much as the next one and she sounded good but where's the performance?

This was a stand out one for me this afternoon. A rousing lesbian love in darling dresses, fantastic!

Vocally this was good but the performance seemed a bit messy. I don't understand what they are doing with that sheet and her dress looks like it should be doing something! I like this but am worried for it.

Claudia Winkleman still in the dark in the snow sounding vocally strong. This has to be going through and, depending on which ball she pulls out, still a favourite.

From the sublime to the ridiculous. All sorts of nonsense going on here. Not interested mate!

Still a bit flakey for me but I think there's enough voting support in this semi for this.

The biggest wow for me today. This just blew me away and I'll be on my feet if this gets through.

I know all kinds of genres should be represented but please Slovakia no..

Looking prettier as the week goes on, this is slick. Vocally not perfect but it doesn't need to be. Following Slovakia is a plum draw too.

Someone must have forgotten to put her lid down because her face shot was blocked by it during most of her sat down part. They really are doing all they can to stop my favourite song getting through aren't they? Borderline!

Mmmm, I'm not sure about this. Ridiculous still with the blindfold on yet when he reveals those eyes and moves into song two something kind of works for me. Could scrape it!

I'm going to have to have a think about my qualifiers and will need the healing powers of a drink to do that!

The second semi interval act probably sounded wonderful on paper but it looked a bit awkward just now on this run through. Last five winners all onstage singing their winning songs except Eldar and Nigar who launch them all into a rendition of Waterloo. They must be saving Running Scared for Saturday. Dima Bilan has no idea of the words to Waterloo, Marija Serofovic has piled on the pounds and I didn't recognise Lena. Alexander B still knlow his way round a fiddle.

Predictions later people....

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