Sunday, 20 May 2012

Creme Portuguese

Franko: now Portugal have been doing this a long time now and seem to enter 2 types of song 1: the kind of enthnicy pop song 2: the morbid Portuguese ballad. It's ballad time aghain this year after last year's silly foray into picketlines. I do like it but i just long for Portugal to let go and embrace their multi culturalism instead of being so inscrutable all the time. By the time the backing singers "move" forward on the stage, most of the world will be asleep. they certainly will in Baku because it will be morning... i really long for Portugal to do well if only to give poor Pedro a long overdue orgasm but it sadly looks as likley as me giving good Queen Bess one on her Diamond jubilee...

Toto: now she isa a better. I like the continental girla. We canna maka the duet and a lovely music

Gigliola: Itsa lika my song. The ona in 1974 yes? Itsa nice butta dated

Verdict: tough semi, may not be their year alas...

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