Thursday, 24 May 2012

We found one!

Good afternoon OnEuroPaneers!!

It's midway through our Baku adventure and last night was the night to try to find one of those, you know, homolulu bars... And by golly did we?

The club I'll not name is a stones throw from the old walled city in a basement location and to say it's not particularly luxurious would be an understatement. Decorated minimally with an Azeri, Turkish and upside down Cypriot flag (go figure), a gaudy painting of a naked woman (to perhaps detract from the men whom frequent it) and an old fishtank (I didn't notice if there were actually any fish in it) this place is a dirty sweatbox but FUN FUN FUN!

We didn't know exactly what we were letting ourselves in for as we wend our way in at just after 11. A couple of camp locals mincing their way through a rendition of La La Love told us we were in the right place. The DJ (playing from a cupboard) at first wanted 2 manats per eurovision song but as word got around the fanorak community and the bar swelled in numbers he gave up that as the bar was suddenly doing great business. Small Efes beers were 4 manat, large Sirvilan beers were 3 yet shots of vodka were only 1 so against all better judgement we opted for the most economical of the three.  Consequently I am suffering my first proper hangover of the week having rolled in at 7am...

It's going to be an interesting day.....

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