Monday, 21 May 2012

If in doubt, get the map out!

That is most definately the rule when getting into the taxis around here.  Make sure your driver has the map in his hand with your destination clearly marked and that he actually knows where the hell it is!  It's been getting a bit better today, or perhaps we are just getting used to it.  It's my only real complaint I want to mention.  That and the traffic and the heat but I'd be nit picking to go on about it.  Last night really was fun fun fun and I am having an absolute ball here..

Can't wait to see the run through at 6 to see who stands out and who doesn't. Am guessing it will be tomorrow before we can blog out comments and, dare I say, predictions... we've got a private audience with the lovely Roman Lube...  Eeek!

More later..

1 comment:

  1. Couldn't help noticing some pretty dramatic developments on the betting front. The odds on a win for Serbia and Romania have shortened drastically. Meanwhile The Hump drifts from 5th to 7th, some betting agencies showing a huge shift against him. Any ideas what's going on?