Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Well I'm never listening to RDH again

" Hungary won't qualify" he said, " It's boring" he said. No, said I, Its a great song.

I was fucking right but did i include it in my list... nooooo... it got mentioned in dispatches instead!

9/10 though - so am happy ;)


  1. Got 7 out of 10 which is normal figures for me and show I an average understanding of the contest.
    Shame about Israel and Switzerland which I liked very much.
    In this semi there were 12 countries that participated in the EIC in Amsterdam.6 of them went through.

    I have to say that Russia was completely off key, through most of the song and that Romania was not as bright as they should be.Moldova on the other hand were spot on

  2. The hesdphones of Mandinga fall in the middle of the song. So she sing without melody in her ears.