Monday, 21 May 2012

I love Arlene Phillips!

Here's something I never thought I'd ever say, but she's really good value!  Had a nice chat with her at the UK press conference yesterday and she ran over and threw her arms around me and asked me how things were going and what I thought of the staging of The Hump's song!  So now I am basically artistic advisor to the UK delegation, haha!  Well that's what I've been texting home to people to big up my part!!

I was sufficiently enthusiastic about the staging which wasn't hard because I am totally chuffed about how it's looking and genuinely excited about the UK song this year!  Let's not talk about the draw but whatever happens it's the best UK entry for a long time...

Right we are back in the press centre very late today as we partied good and hard last night as Monty is no doubt going to fill you in on as only he can!!  I am not as hungover as I deserve to be after free Serbian paint-stripper, beer, Azeri white wine, Azeri red wine, Russian beer and finally vodkary coke in the Evroclub...

It's all eyes now on the first semi final and it looks like we are not going to get our ticket for the jury final at midnight before the show.  That's unfortunate but no great drama as we are going to catch the rehearsal at 1800 local time anyway. I'm still debating whether to watch it in the hall or on screen as I always like to watch it on the screen to see it as it appears there but then again, we are here and should probably see it in the arena. Decisions decisions...


  1. There are two things here, which help indicate the voting paterns of europe. Hall reactions and how it all comes together on stage.

    Therefore, you'll have to clone? That way you can cover both and the report back.

  2. Yeah I'll probably try to catch tomorrow's rehearsal on the screens then.. Reaction in the hall is important but it's a tv show at the end of the day...

  3. Just a TV show? to some it is the culmination of years of work;)