Monday, 21 May 2012

If in doubt, get the mop out!

That seems to be the overriding rule here at the Crysal Carrington Hall, even at this late stage there is an array of cleaning ladies in red overalls sloshing soapy water and moving it around the floor with huge mops.  Then there is an even bigger army of guys with dusters buffing up the railings that encircle the complex within an inch of their life!  Talk about a photo finish for the finishing touches!  Last night on our whistlestop and unexpected taxi excursion to the Iranian border we passed the hall which was all illuminated with the most impressive strobe lighting effect I have ever seen.  Powerful strobes beaming vertically up from the roof of the hall and then swirling and pulsating for the whole city to see. Locals were stopping their cars on the side of the main road nearby to take pictures.  They are certainly throwing everything at this event here in readiness for the eyes of the world on them this week. It wouldn't surprise me if the authorities are going to somehow get an enormous wind machine blowing against the giant flag to make sure it's unfurled enough for the big night....

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  1. Can you please direct them to my apartment when they are done at the Crystal Hall, I could do with my oven cleaned.